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Re: trying to get a plan together...

thanks so much all for the great suggestions!

@amy, I will check 531 out for sure. thanks

@brendan, I am a chronic overthinker, so thanks for the advice to turn it down. Please allow to me overthink a little bit in response here to your schedule suggestions though...

What lifts would you recommend on the particular lifting days? Playing ultimate for 1.5 to 2 hours on T and TH nights leaves me pretty sore in the legs on W and F... Should I just do bench on Friday? Or, is it ok to do squats if my legs are still pretty sore from frisbee?

You say to lift and play frisbee on TH. What lifting would be best? I usually just do some pushups on T and TH mornings but have always stayed away from doing much more than that to keep my legs fresh for frisbee.

@tamara. So far 70's big has made the most sense to try and follow, but I am still trying to figure out how to mesh that two days of squatting into my particular schedule with the two days of frisbee. thanks

I just realized the weight set I bought came with a 30lb bar... I thought it was a standard 45lb bar when I was buying. Is that a big deal? I think it will work for a good while until my loads get heavier, right?

My thought so far has been that I can squat with this set by turning the handles around from the bench and raising them up all the way. I have to bend over a little further than what is recommended to get under the bar but I think this can at least get me by for a while until I get to heavier loads..

Thanks again all!
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