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Re: trying to get a plan together...

Your what is referred to as an "untrained or novice" lifter. This means your body will improve and recover rapidly from starting any kind of training.

If you are doing it at home I would recommend picking up the SS DVD to learn the lifts. It is a well spent $25 for some one working from home.

Monday:lift (possible 10 min met-con)
Tuesday: Frisbee
Wed:Rest day
Thursday:lift + Frisbee
Friday:lift (possible 10 min met-con)
Saturday:Rest Day

At some point in time this will become a little over simplified. It doesn't contain much CrossFit style met-cons which I believe will be of benefit to you down the road. You could add short 10 min met-cons to Monday and Friday if you want.

Don't over think it. Programming is part art, especially at our age. Listen to your body, take it slow, make sure your form is good and adjust programing as you learn what works for you.

Now pick up the bar!
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