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trying to get a plan together...

Ok, I'll try to keep this as brief as possible. I am 40yo now and started getting active again about 1.5 years ago, after many sedentary fatty years... I'm currently 180lbs, 5'11".

My activities have been some p90x, BB Insanity videos, and I play Ultimate Frisbee twice per week on most weeks (on Tues and Thurs nights). I also have a sit on my *** desk job for 40+ hours a week and a long *** commute 3 days per week (when I don't work from home)..

I've wanted to do CF since I first heard about it in 2009 but didn't have any gear (aside from some dumbbells) and definitely can't join the local 150/mnth box, and couldn't figure out how to fit in the bodyweight only version I read about, so I settled on trying p90x...

My goals/desires are to get stronger, faster (esp. for Ultimate) and to lower my bf%. I've found that the p90x and BB Insanity I've done has not improved my strength much at all. My overall fitness in fact just doesn't seem to improve much like it used to (when I was young). Granted I am old now, and I didn't/don't work the programs with 100% focus and intensity (never actually finished either one), and I am not even in half as good of shape as those in the videos...Maybe not even in a third..

SO this last weekend I happened upon a bench/bar/weights set (for $100) at a garage sale and buying it forced me into looking fresh at what my options are to actually start using it...

After reading some posts here I bought a copy of the SS book and have started reading it. I know with my Ultimate Frisbee focus, I won't be actually trying to follow SS, but whatever I do with the barbell, I want to do as best I can form wise...

I also read a great thread here where the 70's big Lascek workout was recommended for someone in a similar situation (who plays soccer), so I am thinking that could be the way to go.. But then that guy already has some good strength training under his belt and with me being so green I'm not sure that's going to work for me... Or at least I am having trouble figuring out how to fit it into my schedule with playing Ultimate on T and TH nights...

I did try the official crossfit warmup and did some light weight sets of squats the other night, and I am still sore.. :-)

I consider Ultimate my favorite activity and don't think I could stop doing it, but it really puts a kink in trying to figure out a good plan for what else I am going to do to try and get to the next level....

Ok so this ended up being long and I am probably not going to get any feedback, but any ideas/suggestions are greatly appreciated..

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