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Re: Interview with the future UFC MW champ

Doug, you are absolutely right about the level of competition Anderson has faced, thatīs one thing people are overlooking about Belfort, the guys he has fought:

Randy (3 times)
Chuck (Vitor took that fight on ONE week notice!)
Overeem (2 times)

And Vitor fought these fighters during their prime (except for Overeem, who is at his prime now) and while struggling with his tulmutuous past, thus his performance suffered radically, so his record dosenīt tell the whole story. People donīt know that Vitor has the experience edge. Afterall, by the time Anderson debuted in MMA (a fight he lost), Vitor had already won a heavyweight championship, had fought Randy and Sakuraba, and had destroyed Wanderlei in 44 seconds. People are sleeping on Vitor big time, and he is going to shock the light out of them...
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