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Re: Interview with the future UFC MW champ

You know, I don't know how to call this fight, but I am really excited for it. (I think that makes me the only guy who's a fan of either (both) fighters who doesn't already think he has it figured out.)

What's interesting is that people keep saying that wrestlers would be the worst match ups for Silva because his strengths lie everywhere but that... clearly that isn't true. I think the only person who will ever take him down before he gets old is someone good enough to beat him at his own game. Vitor could be that person, his ground skills are excellent and his hand speed is amazing, but it is damn hard to count Silva out so easily. It's hard to see him losing period, in fact. Let's face it, you can say this and that about his abilities and so on... or you can just realize that, in the end, he always finds a way to win.

Like I said, hard to call, but it's a fight to look forward to.
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