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Re: Bert's Crossfit Journal

Originally Posted by Scott Jenkins View Post
Yes we cannot complain too much about eating like this. Really going to try and not mention sausages for at least today, I would hate to be nicknamed something with sausage in it.

CF is betting on too many horses, its impossible to bring up all your weaknesses without forgetting other things and getting behind, even if you have the time to do everything your recovery would never be able to handle it. The powerlifting would certainly give you the strength at the qualifier, maybe hit that then make sure you get the running involved straight afterwards.
Sorry man, my mind is already working on something.
You're lucky I'm more of a "stab in the dark" joker

I think I've got the strength to do "okay" at the qualifiers(although my squat, front squat and press have taken a huge dive), but at a powerlifting contest in Belgium I'd need to be a little better ... not much though, because the competition level here is pretty laughable, minus a few strong guys who are in a league of their own.

Really need to correct my running. Went for a "run"(read: 5 x 100 meters jogging tempo)yesterday and my toe hurt immediately afterwards. I feel a huge need coming up to just say "F it" and go start hill running again and ignore the pain.
First I need to get me some vibrams, I think they will strengthen my feet a lot and improve my shytty running mechanics.

Where's the time when I was the best runner in school? Luckily I'm not as fat as the rest
Back Squat:517 - Push Jerk: 231 - Deadlift:550
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