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Unhappy Re: Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

Today will be my first pout day. It wasn't supposed to be a pout day. It was supposed to be my day that I work out on my own and be so proud of my efforts, but alas, it is not. (yes, I know, insert cheese here to go with my whine)
Anyway, this evening is just another typical day in my ridiculous world. (Do not confuse this with my pinkalicious world--it is a beautiful, happy place that sparkles..........I digress.)
I walked in my front door and was hit in the face by an odor so foul I was practically knocked unconscious, followed by a snorting bellow instantly recognizable as my boy, Big E,sleeping. As I made my way into the house, certain that Big E must have soaked his entire body in some sort of deer urine in heat substance for one of his hunting forays, I noticed two very still figures lying on my white snugly curl up on the couch and watch House blankie. On the floor,(and, as I later found out, all over the entire downstairs and possibly upstairs-I haven't looked there yet), was doggie-doo-doo. Oh no, not the firm kind, not even the semi-soft swirly pile kind. This was the I don't know what they ate, but it's a wonder they aren't dead kind of projectile liquid doo!! Apparently, Big E had worked all night, came in this morning, let the dogs inside, and decided to take a 6 hour nappie on the couch while the dogs helped themselves to who knows what. Sooooooooo, guess what I've been doing? Not running stairs, not planks, not jumping rope, or even preparing a nice dinner. (There'll be no dinner this night!!) I've been cleaning up poopie piles, scrubbing it from the cracks of my hardwood and tile. (Praise God my rug is rolled up in the basement waiting to be steam cleaned from the cat throwing up on it!) Candles have been lighted, lysol has been sprayed liberally, still I smell the gaggy sourness, while my boy Ethan sleeps on................ rest in peace my son, rest in peace.
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