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Red face Pinkalicious Posts: Pouts & Praise

This is the perfect day for me to begin my workout journal. Today's workout is the first that I finished without nausea or tears, and, I am still able to walk after driving home! (I feel certain I will be worked to a quivering pulp later this week, but today I choose to feel elated at my 'progress')
Samson Stretch
Push-ups (I moved from wall push-ups to box push-ups, but on my knees)
Ring Dips (fake ones with my feet on the floor to help)
another thing I don't remember the name of. 2 parallel bars close to the ground that you try to hold yourself up on for 20 seconds...again, fake ones, I had to keep my tippy-toes of one foot down.
Brand-new for me
Weighted Back Squats: Practiced with 15 pounds then did 5X5 starting at 35 and ending at 65 pounds.
That was it!!

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