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"Body pump" classes... a means to an end?

Hi guys,

First of all - please dont shout at me!

This is a valid question regarding the merits of me attending a few "Bodypump" (Les Mills?) classes. But - before you judge me - please read on to find out why I am considering this....

In the (ladies only) gym last night after seeing a series of appalling things going on (E.g. a woman sitting on the rowing machine NOT using her legs in the slightest but indeed using her WRISTS to curl round and pull the cable towards her... what?!!) I beheld a vision before me....

.... this chick was ripped - amazing, and she was being stared at by almost everyone else in the gym because she was doing press-ups at a very brisk pace whilst a) not on her knees, b) getting right down to the ground and up again without stopping for a wee lie down in between and c) balancing her hands on two medicine balls at the time.

SO - of course I cornered her as soon as I got the chance!
Unluckily for me she was NOT a member of that gym (which she told me in no uncertain terms was a rubbish gym at that) but was just in the country on a work trip for the week. To cut a long story short she wasnt a crossfitter but when I asked her what she did her first reply was "weights, heavy weights" and she described her training (which sounds like she basically is a crossfitter but just doesn't know it! lol!)

Anyhoo... here is the point of this whole post....
On asking her how I should go about getting started on weights (whilst still being stuck at that crappy gym for another couple of months) she told me that I should take a few "body pump" classes as that would get me used to lifting on bars instead of just dumbbells and I'd learn some of the proper ways to do it.

Now - what I'm asking is... does this sound like a good idea or would I be best to just go it alone and go by the vids on the CF site. I really don't want to pick up any bad habits you see?

What do you think?

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