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Gregory Spilson
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In response to Roy. I'm not sure whether or not Pavel posts the form for deads on his site. But here's how I go about it in a nutshell

1. Stand over bar, shins fairly close
2. Make sure to keep whole body tight, especially arch in back
3. Keep head up and don't look at bar.
4. Use inverted hand grip to hold onto heavier weight
5. Begin decent by keeping back tight, and sit back with butt, rather than down
6. When your hands reach the bar, squeeze bar and tighten triceps to keep arms straight
7. Lift bar by pushing floor away (using your legs)
8. When you lock out, keep back tight, flex butt and flex abs to insure you don't lean back
9. On decent, keep head up and push butt back while letting bar descend

I think this should sum it up. I used the self-talk method for a while, and it proved very effective. Much like in the way I learned to shoot a pistol. Hope this helps.
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