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John Tagita
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CFWU x 2
8 full minutes, no kip pullups

My grip and my back is killing me. I now see what I lost over the past 9 weeks. Muscular endurance. I could've continued the WOD scaled down, or tried to convince myself that jumping pullups are as good as full pullups, but I can't lie to myself.

I finished the day with an interval session:
5 sets
500m row
1/4 mile sprint

Yesterday, same story as today, my grip was failing on me during the 3rd set @ 135 lbs, and it could've gotten dangerous, as the base gym was full of the high school softball team. Someone would've gotten knocked out, probably me.

As far as my 3 week MU program, I can honestly say I am not ready to give it my full attention yet, so it will wait until I regain my strength.

I can say that my diet is still good to go. I did fall for some california rolls yesterday, (white rice, i know, GFY), but I offset that with a couple protein shakes.
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