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Swiss Ball GHD

Does anyone know the name of or where you can get this type of swiss ball ghd? Michigan Football just changed their weight room to do more sport specific training and this is one of many pieces of equipment that was part of a 1 million dollar re-build.

Barwis and his staff stress:

Olympic movements -- clean-and-jerk and the snatch weight lifting (lifting a barbell from the floor to locked arms overhead in a smooth movement). These moves help develop power, speed and strength and require accelerating a weight from a point below the hips to above. A strong core is critical.

Plyometrics -- This type of training involves toughening tissues and training nerve cells to make muscles contract as long as possible in the shortest amount of time. It's all about quick, explosive movement. Plyometrics are used to increase the speed of muscular contractions, with the intention of increasing vertical jump or speed of a punch or throw.

Speed training -- This involves a considerable amount of sprinting and changing direction, both of which are required in football. It helps develop a strong core, which stabilizes the body and helps with powerful leg and arm action. All he preaches is based on bioenergetics, a field of biochemistry.

"Everything we do is applied from sciences," he said. "If it's not scientifically sound, I won't use it."
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