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Re: Anyone with Ceiling problem?


Don't focus on what you can't do. Find out what you can do in the places you have, and find new places to do more.

My basement has a 225cm ceiling. All my MUs are from a kneeling position. For singles, it does not really matter that much. Once you are up and go into the transition, it is the same problem for all starting positions (unless you are able to jump through right from the start). The main problem is to be able to come down without touching the floor - this may take some control - then nothing stops you from consecutives.

For oly lifting, I focus on snatches (I can do these without touching the ceiling). Cleans are no problem, of course. Jerks are not really safe, but can be done (every once in a while). If I want to set a new max in Jerks, I need to get outside. Thrusters are out for me, too - I banged the bar as well as some dumbbells into the ceiling several times. Pullups - I installed a bar in the doorframe, works well for me.

Going outside to a playground with some dumbbells is really nice (apart from the stares you will get).

Dan John has some nice stuff on working outside ... see


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