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Re: Anyone with Ceiling problem?

Originally Posted by Michael Hu View Post
Man, i would love to set up a bunch of stuff at my house, but all of the rooms, including the garage have low ceilings-- i can basically reach up with arms and touch the ceiling with my fingers. This is so frustrating, because I so want to set up a real pullup bar(like the ones at playgrounds) so i can do muscle ups and a few other variety of exercises.
Yeah, I have the same problem. It's a drag but I work with it. I made a pullup bar out of black iron pipe and hung some wrings. I have to use them with my legs tucked under, which makes it a little harder to kip but at least I can do it. As far as the overhead lifts go I do those in the driveway just outside my garage. Plenty of head room in the open air. Good luck finding a place to use.
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