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Warning the following post contains ranting and may not make a lot of sense.

*Begin Rant*

As a lot of you would know, I work in a very wussy "health club" (only temporary until CF Sydney opens up)

Anyway i knew that the other trainers weren't gold medal material but i didn't realise how bad they were until one went on holidays and i had to train one of her clients.

This client had been training with this other trainer for at least 6 months, twice a week.

I got warned to stick to the "program" that was left by the other trainer which consisted of a very few dumbell exercises and mostly machines for 2 x 20 reps.

Anyway making the best i could of the restrictions imposed by management I thought i couldn't go far wrong with some light dumbell squats, shoulder press and pushups.

Oh how wrong I was!

50 PT sessions down and the client couldn't squat properly even with a total load of less than 10kg. Feet turned out like a duck, knees bowing in, no depth. Even after 2 remedial sessions she still can't do a single good squat.

Thinking i'd be safer with pushups i got her to do 2 x 10 from the knees. She didn;t even know how to get into a pushup position and when corrected managed 2 before she started doing all sorts of weird stuff with her hips and arms.

I almost cried. To finish things off i did a mini FGB, 4 exercises, 1 minute of each 2 x through. Kept to the basics, medball thruster, step ups, push press, crunches (unable to do situps)

Apparently even at loads below 5kg she was still sore for two days.

I'm ashamed for the PT industry that we let trainers let clients be so bad at such basic stuff.

I'll never call myself a PT again, i'm an S&C Coach!

*End Rant*
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