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I arrange my life around my training. I just returned from a vacation south to California to visit my sister...and to do a half-Ironman tri at Wildflower. That's what I do on vacations. I swim 3x weekly with some SWAT buds, and do CrossFit with them another 3x a week. I train 3 women in my neighborhood from 2, 3 or 4x a week and work out with them occasionally as well. To all of that add another 2 or 3 runs and a like number of bike rides and you have a typical training week. You have likely seen my Gym Dandy post and how much time, effort and money I put into my home gym, other's put it into wide screen TVs and Barca Loungers.

I'm 49, and don't have the slightest shred of patience for the fat and lazy among us who use their age as an excuse. The lack of time excuse works only for those who work 60+ hours weekly, watch absolutely no television, work constantly around the house, are single parents and are going to school full time. Other than that I don't buy it. It's amazing how many people who don't have time to exercise know all about American Idol, have all the sports scores down pat, know how much Oprah is weighing, what Dr. Phil is talking about and where all the good restaurants are.

If a thing is important to you, time can be found to do it. Those that say they don't have time to exercise, don't make exercise a priority. They are the infomercial crowd who find value in Thigh Blasters and Tony Little. CrossFit is an oddity to them, something to deride as a fringe activity. They will all have hip replacements, die of heart attacks, and be representatives of the "I've fallen and can't get up crowd." Bugs on the windshield of life.

Gotta go, I'm late for my sensitivity encounter group.
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