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Pat Janes
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I've found that after what is about 9 months of CF now, I don't suffer from the "stiff-jointed" problem much any more; got it quite a lot prior to that.

My flexibility (lack of it) is the one remaining thing that continues to plague me, as I get older. I'm reasonably flexible in areas that I work specifically, eg squats, shoulders, hip flexors, but certainly no contortionist; and I have almost no flexibility in areas that aren't specifically trained, eg crappy straddle that is hindering my gymnastics.

I'm loving the fact that I'm more fit now than I ever have been; and I can't wait for 40, because I'll be even fitter. Although, by then, my kids will be 10, 13, 16 and 17, so I'll likely be old before my time.

I actually find that more of the young people I meet use age as an excuse not to look after themselves; they rely on their youthful metabolisms to keep their fat levels down. Unfortunately that doesn't work forever.
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