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Kenneth Ritchie
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How many times have you heard the saying "well I cant do that because I am getting on a bit, so that rubber ring around my gut is ok"? It may seem a bit harsh to those who dont exercise and who do not have an interest in this field however to people like myself I have one answwer to those individuals. Many friends have argued with me over this however I do believe in sticking to my principles. I firmly believe that if a person is blessed with a normal healthy body with no genetic problems or medical then if they become fat later in life it is simply because they are LAZY. Like I said folks this might seem exteremly harsh but in my profession I have seen and heard that excuse too many times. Im not exactly a spring chicken myself now but I do still take care of myself and would not use the excuse Im older so I will just get fatter. For information on my routine you can visit my blog at
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