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Emma Wheeler
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Hi all. I've just finished my first complete month of CrossFit WODs, after easing myself in for a couple of months before that. My gains have been very modest but hugely motivating for me. BTW I'm a 33yo, 125lb female in 'reasonable' shape by non-CrossFit standards.

I can now do 10 'proper' push-ups - could only do 3-4 before. This is from doing only 'knee' push-ups in the WOD.
I can do 10 consecutive dead-hand pull-ups with my Therabands. This might not sound very good, but I could do only 2-3 when I started. And I'm about 3 inches away from a full, unassisted, dead-hang pull-up. Nearly there!

Everything else, from bench & deadlift, to box jumps with fewer rests, to 5k time has improved.

I had a terrible time sticking to workouts before, although I love to exercise. The variety with CrossFit keeps it fresh - can't wait to see what the WOD is!

And I know I said it in the Comments, but reading Kelly Moore & Lynne Pitts' achievements on the WOD, hell, all the other women posting, is hugely inspirational while I'm struggling to do one proper pull up or deadlift my bodyweight.

Thanks to everyone for making this such a great place to hang out!

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