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Re: Over 50 Crossfitters Sign In

Thanks guys.
Cliff, if you are going to spend much time under the hood in different posiotions
i'll bet there is going to be stiffness here and there... If you get as much as
100 hp more it's really much...are then the breaks next to improve good luck.

First time at new gym. Took easy and tried different things...
Started with C2 rowing - rowing machine is positioned so that you see the hole gym, so as i rowed i "planned" different combos to the future... then
suddenly i had rowed more than 3k,so i rowed 5000m @22:05min.

Stiffleg/romanian deadlift -> close grip bench

5reps/ 80kg,100kg,120kg,140kg
Close grip bench:
10reps/ 40kg,50,50,50,50kg

Dumbell alt upright row:
10/15kg (33lbs) 10/20kg (44lbs)

Then tried different machines:
Seated calf sledge
Incline press machine
Pushing weight sledge
Assault bike
C2 Ski ergo

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