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Re: What do you wear while you CrossFit?

Originally Posted by Joseph Wilkinson View Post
Hey guys,

I posted the same thread in the Equipment section so I apologize if you have seen this before.

I've been following this forum and it has really helped me progress in speed, strength and overall fitness. I've been watching the coverage of Regionals and I see a lot of different accessories the athletes are wearing. I've done some research but am curious as to what your thoughts are?

I've created this survey about some popular products and would love to hear what motivated you for buying them.

Would you mind helping out a fellow CrossFitter?

Thanks everyone!
My thoughts are that most of that stuff is unnecessary. It's a good idea for the competitors to use wraps, braces, etc., considering the high, concentrated volume of movements that they are doing over the course of the games.

I don't think it's necessary to use most of that stuff if you workout at your box 4-5 times per week and don't have a chronic injury.
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