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Re: Hang Clean form issues [all cleans too]

Originally Posted by Greg Whelan View Post
Trying yesterdays WOD spurred this, I could only use 145 lb. On that note, as much as I try I kick out farther then I want too.
In the hang clean make sure the hips are moving down and then up, not back and forward.

My issue normally stems from both the energy transfer and pulling myself underneath the bar...
Another issue is that I cannot comfortably achieve the noted arm position while racking.
You are always going to have difficulty pulling yourself under if you can't receive the bar properly. You need to get that rack position on the shoulders squared away before you can expect real progress on the pull-under phase.

I think my forearms are too long during example testing as when I have my arms closer to horizontal my hands are even or beyond my head.
This statement makes little to no sense, so you might want to rephrase it. I will say, however, that the length of the forearms has nothing to do with problems racking the bar.
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