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Re: Hang Clean form issues [all cleans too]

Originally Posted by Greg Whelan View Post
okay, I know this have most likely been posted multiple times but I will post it again.

I have watched the videos on here and elsewhere, so I know the form. It is completing it.

Trying yesterdays WOD spurred this, I could only use 145 lb. On that note, as much as I try I kick out farther then I want too.

My issue normally stems from both the energy transfer and pulling myself underneath the bar. I am planning on setting aside a day next week to do a WOD and then focus on these techniques.

What should I try to improve my technique?

Another issue is that I cannot comfortably achieve the noted arm position while racking. I cannot keep my arms up on my shoulder [bent]. Is that okay? I think my forearms are too long during example testing as when I have my arms closer to horizontal my hands are even or beyond my head.

Thank you for any help I receive. I want to get better at this.
Don't practice technique during a WOD, do it seperately. In order to get the clean down it is going to take thousands of repetitions so don't think that one day will fix your problems either, I'm going through the same thing.

Not sure about the rack, maybe if you uploaded a picture someone would be more able to help out. Most likely a mobility issue, and if it is, your answer is on WFS.
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