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Hang Clean form issues [all cleans too]

okay, I know this have most likely been posted multiple times but I will post it again.

I have watched the videos on here and elsewhere, so I know the form. It is completing it.

Trying yesterdays WOD spurred this, I could only use 145 lb. On that note, as much as I try I kick out farther then I want too.

My issue normally stems from both the energy transfer and pulling myself underneath the bar. I am planning on setting aside a day next week to do a WOD and then focus on these techniques.

What should I try to improve my technique?

Another issue is that I cannot comfortably achieve the noted arm position while racking. I cannot keep my arms up on my shoulder [bent]. Is that okay? I think my forearms are too long during example testing as when I have my arms closer to horizontal my hands are even or beyond my head.

Thank you for any help I receive. I want to get better at this.
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