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Re: Angie's Crossfit Journal

Erin.... Uh yessss . I think its prob more about pushing through the thrusters at 12 and 15 and 18 and doing them unbroken, bc I can , I just don't and thats time I can have for the Pullups

Sunday,Aug 12, 2012

Sunday chipper w/ team*

Well, had a delicious golden monkey last night and like 6 hrs only of sleep so wasn't sure how this was gonna go....

30 box jumps (26"- *I did 22")**
20 Deadlifts (205#)*
30 TTB*
20 Push Press (1pd each hand)*
30 GHD situps*
20 cal row*
30 weighted sls (I did bw, left leg asst)*
20 burpee box jumps (again 22")*

Time : 21:34*

Well, the things Im supposed to be good at went well *and quickly (Deadlifts, push press, row). GHD were oddly fatiguing wtf.*
Two take aways: 1) need to get bj rep height up to at least 24" in near future 2) work on ankle mob so I can get SLS on left leg or break ankle so it can be reset (as grog suggested 3 yrs ago haha)*
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