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Ken Mindoro
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worked double unders, can now do one every third jump pretty consistently
played tennis for 2 hours

Cindy, 8 rounds in 10 minutes
subbed towel PU on the crossover cable machine to work my grip. During round 8, I brained myself on the PU bar attached to the crossover cable machine. Saw stars but finished all 5 reps. Finished the round but then developed a serious bout of nausea/lightheadedness so I stopped just in case it was the head trauma.

helping a friend get started on CF and spent time working form on a bunch of exercises. I tried 10-second squats with him to slow things down (he was using alot of arm momentum and not leg power). Squats were 10 sec down, 10 sec hold at the bottom, 10 sec up. Lots of fun and alot harder than it sounds, especially when you do them for reps.

4 rounds:
10 PU
20 steps walking lunge with 20# medicine ball overhead
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