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Re: Box Jump Safety

Originally Posted by Scott Simmonds View Post
I'm working on risk management suggestions for preventing injuries. Box jumps are a source of a fair number of incidents. While most are minor (or to ego alone) I have heard of some bad accidents.

Anyone have suggestions as to pragmatic suggestions to prevent crashes?

Is a class rule of full-foot contact with the box helpful?

Do coaches watch athletes and call them off box-jumps when the jumps get sketchy?

Spotters for when someone is getting over a certain height?

I'm not trying to take box jumps out of the box but to consider some pragmatic safety considerations that might prevent a blood stain or two.
what is the context here? 20" box jumps during a metcon like FGB? Max height box jumps? I'm not sure "spotters" are feasible if the box jump in question is a part of a metcon.
When we used to do max height box jumps at my gym, we had spotters, and tended to only have one athlete working at a time.
I have switched to max distance broad jumps. It still tests explosiveness from a stand still and eliminates much of the risk.
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