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Pre diabetic NOT overweight and v active

Hi, I have looked for this but not found anything....My fasting blood glucose measures at pre diabetic levels most mornings (between 5.6 and 7.1) but not every morning - lowest it has measured is 4.9. I own a CrossFit gym, I train between 3 and 6 times a week, CrossFit workouts. I eat pretty well although over the last year or so I have slipped a bit and don't deny myself the odd cake, pastry or bar of chocolate. I don't drink alcohol ever. I am 5'5'' and weight 60kg. You can see my abs - I'm not boasting hahaha just pointing out that my body fat is low enough to see them. I have a doctor's apt for next week but just wondered if this was perhaps a common thing with CrossFitters.....My doc does NOT understand anything about CrossFit, indeed he is hugely overweight. Last time I went to see him saying everything I ate made me feel exhausted and dizzy, he told me to eat a I'm not holding out much hope for an explanation that fits.
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