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Re: Strength Work for a faster/smaller guy who doesn't want to slow down?

Thanks for the feedback so far guys. Brendan that's great to hear that the last set reps are in a good range. I'll stick with the plan as structured then. Thanks for that link as well, that's great. Are you doing any work on the days you're not in the gym?

So the question then becomes, what's the best way to supplement Wendler to try to keep my running and bodyweight movement efficiency where it's at. I'm reluctant to get on the Boring but Big regiment because of this. I am more interested in the long term - no need to get quick gains if I can keep my cardio up. I do want progress, but I can accept that it might be a little slower because of my enjoyment of running.

I never feel good, on any day, unless I break a sweat. Rest days are tough for me, I usually do an active rest and don't really take many days off completely unless life really gets in the way. Can I do running / shorter (10-15 min metcon) 6 days a week and not counteract my work with Wendler?
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