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I never had an opinion of creatine one way or the other until I busted my wrist. Dr. Vanderhooft recommended taking creatine after the surgery to keep the atrophy to a minimum (I understand there is some reseach about creatine and casts, but I don't know where to find it.)

I did note that my atrophy was scary, but I got the cast off in half the usual time. The doc thinks part of it was my training during the period and my fitness level during the injury, but he also thought that loading the creatine may have helped some, too.

I know a famous track coach who thinks creatine is good for a seven percent increase in Track and Field performance. That is enormous, sneaking up on anabolic improvements.

Seven percent, if true, would make one nearly 'have to' take creatine to compete.

I am still suspect of creatine as the wonder drug of our age. It seems to work better for fat kids on a high carb, lots of sodas, diet than for leaner kids that eat more my experience. I think creatine helps the high carber by knocking more protein into the mix...and that has to help.

It does seem to help bench and squat by increasing the size of a muscle, but I haven't heard anyone tell me it helps snatches and cleans...

I would still insist, like Robb, that you
1. Eat paleo
2. Don't smoke
3. Wear a seat belt
4. Drink lots of water
5. Train with a lot of variety

Then, we could discuss creatine.
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