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Re: Shoulder Impingement

Quick tack-on question. Sorry, it's been done once in this thread and I can't resist the temptation, LOL.

I'm wondering if I have impingement also. If I put my left arm forward, bend my elbow so that my finger is pointing up, then internally rotate, I can feel some pain (3-4 on a scale of 1-10) near my max ROM, which is same both arms, probably 30 deg below horiz. It's about under my posterior deltoid head when in the rotated position. Also, if I put my arm down to my side, internally rotate to max ROM, and then raise my arm forward like a front DB raise, I feel pain in the same place when my arm gets to about horizontal. During exercise, feel no pain during pullups or chinups, little or no pain during presses, 3-4 scale pain during bench press warmups, then nothing on the heavier sets.

This started about 2 months ago. I had just done a workout with bench, dips, and pullups. Felt fine. Went to my car and the one next to it was jammed in tight. I didn't think about what I was doing and wedged myself in there and externally rotated my left arm to get the key in the door. Felt a quick and sharp pain in the same area mentioned above. It hasn't improved in 2 months. Might be degrading ever so slowly. Dropped dips a month or so ago. Dropped bench 2 weeks ago until the problem is resolved. Currently am just doing very light presses like the Starr Rehab plan, and ice.

Sound like impingement? Something else?

Advice appreciated as always.

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