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Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS

I agree for the most part with the previous poster. If your MMA training interferes with your recovery, be prepared for earlier plateaus. If not, keep doing it. The milk helps not only as a source of protein, but also as a source of calories-- really good nutrient rich calories. Yeah, there's a lot of fat in milk, I agree, but for me it was worth it. I didn't really get "fatter" per-say, I am pretty convinced that my weight gain on SS was due to incredible muscular growth and lean mass gains. The fat gains were insubstatial.

As the previous poster said, a PR every day at the gym is an incredible experience, but it is terribly difficult. Getting under the bar for a weight you've never lifted before and knowing that you have to lift it for 3 sets of 5 is very intimidating. If you do the program as prescribed, you will definitely be in this position. Leaving the gym every workout with a PR is an incredible motivator.

Do the program, learn the form, do your squats and drink your milk... Can't go wrong.

Oh, also are you trying to gain weight? Would you be getting into a different MMA weight class? Are you worried about that? Does that affect you decision making process? Just curious.
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