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Re: Looking to change things up a bit with a cycle of SS

Make sure you read and understand his book (s). If you do the program as prescribed by Coach Rip, you will develop incredible strength. I put a hundred pounds on my squat and 120 pounds on my dead and around 65 pounds on my bench--in around 3 or 4 months (I'd have to check my training log).

Do the program and drink the milk. You WILL gain weight. Some of it will be fat-- don't be so concerned with eating clean. It's always easy to burn fat afterwards. It's much harder to gain those big strength numbers.

Coach Rip is available for questions (and endless witty remarks) at www.************.net. wfs except for some swears.

You will not be losing fat if you follow the program prescribed by SS. But the strength gains will be well worth the temporary suspension of fat loss.

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