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Re: Deadlift, squat and power clean

Originally Posted by Derek Franks View Post
While not bad advice, I would disagree that eliminating wide stances gives you the most power. There's a reason competitive powerlifters use an extremely wide stance for both squats and DL's. That said, SS, which is what David is following right now, consists of a DL with the stance you describe, but a Squat with a significantly wider stance.
Derek, if you read what I said, "from the floor" then it makes perfect sense. of course you need a wider stance with a squat this is known as the land or squat position-feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Other than that, feet should be in the start position, jump position. You get the most power with your heels under your hips. You only go wider than shoulders for the squat because it gives more support not power.
The feet should also be under the hips during all shoulder movements, i.e. press, push press, push jerk. But if I continue I might as well start another thread....
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