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Re: OHS Check

Something that I saw somewhere on this site.

And I would like confirmation on this from some of the more experienced lifters.

Please make sure this gets the confirmation before incorporating this technique.

If this technique is correct I am seeing your knees coming up to far forward.

Here is the technique:

One way to help confirm form on your squat position is to do PVC OHS facing a wall. The goal is to be able to touch your toes against the wall and do the squats consistently without touching the wall. If your noes or knees touch the wall you know immediately that you are out of position.

I feel that when I do this drill that it seems to get everything else in proper position. Doing this in the crossfit warm-up has helped give the feel and to be able to keep off of my toes during these exercises.

Also look at todays video "Friday 080523" with regards to hip drive. I plan on trying out a couple of squats and see if I am actually driving my hips.

Also someone please comment if this technique has good merit as I don't want to be giving bad advice and would like to know as I have been utilizing this technique myself.
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