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Re: Exercise Study on ACL

Good article, thanks for posting it. I'll take it into the PT clinic today and pass it around.

I heard Chris Powers speak to this issue in the Spring at a physical therapist continuing education meeting - he heads up the USC Biomechanics Lab and is currently funded for a 3 year study of ACL injury prevention During one of the breaks, I mentioned to him that it seemed like he was advocating squat training as as an important exercise for ACL injury prevention. His reply was "Squat training is very important, but only if the PT can teach proper form in the squat." His premise was that a strong Glut Max (not medius, as many advocate) was important in checking excessive femoral internal rotation that may lead to ACL injury. Squats, he asserted, when taught properly, targeted this objective. He asserted several times that proper instruction was key, hinting that most PT's were poorly trained in that skill.

Here is another article from 2006 out of his group.

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