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Re: different programming templates

As a newer affiliate open 7 months I have found strength to be the biggest issue. My clients improved the fastest on met-cons. I'm currently running a strength bias until we reach a level of strength that we don't need major scaling of all girls and Heroes.

We are also still shedding weight in many cases. As more clients have success with Paleo diet and losing weight the other clients get more interested. It becomes a positive reinforcing cycle. As the clients get lighter things like kipping pull-ups, rope climbs and hand stand push-ups become possible.

Clients expect me to be able to do everything and have six-pack abs. When they see other clients transform it seems to become more of a reality that they can do it as well.

When the woman who works in a bank call center all day looses her belly through CrossFit and Paleo the other clients are like if she can do it, I can do it.

As my client base becomes stronger I expect my main programing will drift more towards main site.

I guess that was the long way of saying I program to my client's current needs.
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