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Re: Military Not for Profit

Just my 2 cents ( I have 17 yrs active duty right now).

-start small with a time/location posted (for example wed's @ 7am)
-get feedback from that group.
-Have a sigh in roster with name, unit, email.
-have an email contact list

For exmample we started with a Co PT every Wed at 7am. We do it at the unit in a high vis area. each week people from other companies would watch, ask, and eventually join in.

Now we run 4 morning sessions/week. Friday mornings is our Compan Modern Army Combatives Training. But now a good portion of the poeple who do PT with us show up for that too.

The mix of people is great. Bn CSM, BN XO, 2 chaplains, Civilian employees from Womack Army Hospital. The unexpected thing about that is a good portion of those people have some type of gear to bring. KB's, Sledge's, Power bands, ect. The workouts build themselves basically.

We are making most equipment. Sleds, sloshpipes, etc. Tires should never be an issue to find on any post so get lots of those. Being on Ft. Bragg it's always good to get in good with mechanics, riggers, etc.

We are going to start a Donation Jar. Once the jar fills up the group will decide which equipment to get for future use. We even took 1/2 our conference room and turned it into a workout area. Put in my airdynes, Battling Ropes, KB's ect to use as another place to train.

The email contact list works great. everyone who's on it has the chance to pass it to a friend and so on.

IMHO this is how you build your case for future certs, equipment, etc. We take pics, soon to be vids, sign in rosters, and contact lists. Documentaion and proof goes a long ways in justification in supporting your cause.

oh and testimonials. we have people who swore they'd never do this stuff getting great results. So we have them document that too.

Hope some of this info helps
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