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"Diet" questions

I've always been lean my whole life, even when I used to eat horribly. I've definitely changed the way I eat. I was wondering if whole wheat bread should be avoided?

My typical day consists of oatmeal or cereal in the morning, salad or some sort of pasta etc. for lunch, a snack before work usually fruit, and for dinner(break at work) I have been eating 2 tuna fish sandwiches. Keep in mind, all I drink is water, and eat at least 3 bananas a day, and other fruits too. This isn't due to crossfit, but my girlfriend helps me eat healthy as well because she is a vegetarian.

I was wondering if this type of "diet" would suffice. I'm trying to get even more lean. I really have nothing to grab on my stomach I would just love my stomach to be even more defined.

I've heard about the Paleo and Zone diets but I haven't really looked into them. Also, what are some great snacks or meals besides sandwiches that contain lean protein.

A lot of basic questions, and I know everyone's diet or way their body handles the food is different. Just wondering if the high carb intake is really making a huge difference. Thanks
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