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Hello All,
And thanks in advance. I've been battling some hip flexor pain that originated while doing overhead squats. Something popped while deep in the hole with 185 about six weeks ago. It was right in the left hip flexor. It felt like a hip pointer I got playing football in high school. It got mildy sore, much like other muscles strains I've had in the past. It hurt to the touch, like other muscle strains. It got better over time. I rested it, iced it, used my EMS unit on it. Rehabbed it slowly and incrementally increasing weights and amount of cardio. Then, this past sunday, I finally decided to do some 5x5s with conventional deads. I was doing 505 with about 30 to 45 seconds between sets. On the 5th set, the area below where it popped before popped - not straight below, sort of to the side and more in the quad. This time it hurt a little more, but it was a different area. It's way sorer this time and it's going to take me longer to rehab it.

I'm not concerned that it will heal, but I am concerned nonetheless. My question is can you tear something without discoloration, swelling, etc?

Five years ago, I ruptured by right tricep tendon and my arm turned black and blue to beat all hades. However I had previously partially and minorly tore the tendon about eight years prior. The tendon had healed itself by calcifying. Before the tramautic tear, it was always painful and I never could do much with pressing motions. Since the surgery, I've actually gotten a lot stronger in my upper body.

In any event, I know it's a little long winded, but I wanted to hear some thoughts from some fellow workout nazis. As of now, I'm icing it twice a day and zapping it with my EMS twice a day. I couldn't walk without a limp until Yesterday. Now, I don't notice it when I walk, but when I squat or bend at the hip, I can feel it. It just feels like a pulled muscle. I did some air squats and bar only back and front squats with a slow cadence today; didn't have any pain, but I could feel the strain.

I guess the reason I'm asking all this, and before I go nanners and get an MRI, is I wanted to hear from other fellow gym rats.

I definitely will not be pushing the envelope with anything leg related for at least three months. It's good actually, given that my competitive season is coming up. I need to lighten up and move into event training. Much less stressful on the body.

All the best,
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