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Re: Gslp

The 5+ reps will slowly go down as the weight goes up--I started doing 8-9 in my 5+ sets, then it gradually became 6-7, then I've been hitting 3x5 for my last few bench days and finally stalled at 5-5-3 on my last press day. That's what the 10% resets are for, you'll come back getting more reps than your previous times at those weights. Are you making smaller weight jumps on press and bench than you do on squat and deadlift? Keep in mind a 5lb jump on a 150lb press is twice as much (proportionally) as a 5lb jump on a 300lb squat or deadlift.

If you can't do a few pushups during the day, how would you be able to do triceps extensions seeing how they require weights? You don't have to get fancy with the pushups, just do a set right when you wake up, do a set before you leave home, then another 1-2 sets after you get home from work. The sets can be anytime throughout the day.
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