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Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
Yep, I went to see some people from my previous job last week just before I moved away, and they seriously thought I'd gained 20lbs of muscle in the last 3 months. I've only gained 2lbs. The neck work and weighted chins and curls do lots of good things for size and strength, not to mention the fact that heavy benching and pressing will build powerful shoulders and arms.
I don't step on the scale much but I did the a few weeks ago and was up 10# from what I was in january but i'm leaner in the belly... It's funny the older pants that I used to wear before SS/Gomad now fit in the waist but my azz and thighs are nearly ripping the seams apart. Oh and yeah - the curls rock ... arms and chest definitely look better with more muscle. :-)
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