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Originally Posted by Eric Montgomery View Post
I've done GSLP for about 3 months now after doing the following stuff over the last 3 years:, CFSD programming, 70s Big S&C, OPT, 20 rep squats, and OPT again. I like GSLP the best of any program I've done so far. Great strength gains and I've managed to make them without having to eat 6000 calories a day and while staying much leaner than I did on 70s Big. Plus the volume is manageable and I don't feel beat up or rundown all the time, and the 5+ sets make things just plain fun. It's a very adaptable program as well--you can go with several different variants of it and add plug-ins based on your specific goals, modify it to 2x a week as opposed to 3x if you are limited on time or want to focus on conditioning, etc.
we've done literally the same thing except that mine has been for 18 - 20 months ... I've been on GSLP since February.

Since starting GSLP I've added over 50#s to my squat sets and I'm on the last hole in my weight belt (3 inches thinner). Plus I've broken through plateaus on bench/press by using frequency method push ups All my friends who haven't seen me for months are talking about how yoked i am from the neck harness ... they can't believe it.

You know - I watched a wendler vid on youtube today and he said something that just rings true. [paraphrased] - sets and reps don't matter .. just squat, push, and pull and remain consistent for long periods of time..... gold
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