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Re: Does anybody have an Exercise/Health related degree?

I am currently going into my second year at university for Sports Therapy, and like Brad i am a strength and conditioning coach for the universities rugby team. The role was elected for me to do for my second year, but however i have been taking sessions in my first year since the original coach was busy with studying. I find this will gain me alot of experience by the time i have finished Uni..

I hope to go traveling when i finish my degree in search of job opportunities within Crossfit to be a sport therapist, because as i imagine the sport will be quite widely spread. However if this doesn't arise, i can always go down the rugby route..

Brad a quick question, would you recommend doing a Crossfit cert over a personal trainer cert, even though like you said that the Corssfit cert doesnt look as good on the job application form as it were?

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