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Re: dull left shoulder pain

1. Google a pic and mark where it hurts.

With the picture attached, there is a little pain/discomfort right about at the supraspinatus area in my left shoulder

2. What exercises hurt? Which shoulder articulations hurt? wfs

As far as I can tell, none of those movements really hurt. There is a little bit of discomfort, but I just tried those movements without any weight so take it for what it is

3. What type of pain is it? Burning? Ache? Tingling? Sharp?

The pain has become kind of an ache now. When I was doing high rep burpees, it was a sharp pain, but now I could classify it as closer to an ache

4. Acute or chronic? What date was onset?

The injury is acute. The date of the onset was 7/10/11 around 8 p.m. EST doing high rep burpees and butterfly pull ups

5. Any previous injury history?

No previous shoulder injury history, although I have had shin splints/compartment syndrome as a regular runner

6. How's your posture?

I have been spending most of my days the past 3 weeks sitting or lying down, looking at a computer, so I would rate it as below average/poor

7. What is your current workout routine for that bodypart? Do you play any sports?

Workouts for my shoulders include HSPU, military press, push press, push jerk, strict pull ups, butterfly pull ups, chest-to-bar pull ups, L-pull ups, bench press, deadlift, squat, dips, ring dips, muscle up progressions

8. Have you been training through pain? If so, how long?

I wouldn't say I have been training through the pain, more like I have been doing couple reps of push ups, pull ups, and HSPU until I start to experience pain. Since 7/10/11 I have done upper body pulling and pushing until I felt discomfort, but never "through" the discomfort I believe

9. Check the tissue quality of the surrounding muscles. Which ones are tight? Which ones are tender? Is there any swelling?

To my eyes I don't seem to notice any swelling or tightness and nothing seems too tender

10. What have you been doing for recovery purposes?

Since 7/10/11 I have been taking between 14 grams and 22 grams of fish oil per day, doing 1-3 reps of push ups, HSPU, pull up and a muscle up progression from my knees

11. Any other information I should be aware of or that comes to mind that may help?

The date of the WOD was the first time I had done high rep butterfly pull ups and burpees in about 5 or 6 weeks because I had sliced my right hand open cutting some water melon and subsequently took off

I feel like I am getting better by the day, but I could be wrong. I feel like the high doses of fish oil is relieving some of the pain. As SLAP tears are a common injury among CFer's, I am being pretty cautious about this.
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