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David Wood
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I'm going to propose a continuing thread for the posting of workouts completed that weren't specified in the WOD, but still seemed pretty good at the time.

I'm intending this in the spirit of what Duffy posted on Friday 031107 (the second post in the comments for that day). I'm not going to repeat that one here (I certainly hope he will, but I don't think I'm worthy), but it looked like an awesome workout.

For myself, today:

10 rounds of:
- 10 squat thrusts
- 10 C&J with 95 lbs.
- 10 pullups

(Sort of "German Volume Training", CrossFit style.)

Would have been a great performance if I had done it in, oh, 35 minutes or so. At the 49:30 that it actually took me it doesn't look so good. Still, it felt great.
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