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Re: Strength goals achieved...7 months of CFFB


My diet is far from perfect or the same everyday. I do what I can to get the food in. Typical day:

-Smoothie w/ entire can of coconut milk, bunch of spinach or broccoli, frozen fruit, and OJ
-8 hardboiled eggs
-about a pound of meat. Usually ground meat sauteed with veggies and covered with butter or olive oil
-A few shots of olive oil mixed with OJ(to mask taste)
-Lunch is usually a huge sandwich or something quick and easy.
-Protein shake post-workout along with some fruit
-Another smoothie. Similar ingredients, but with a pint of raw cream.
-Dinner is usually a steak or burgers.

The smooothies alone give me about 3,000 calories, so thats what really helps.


-Squat @ 355
-Deadlift(5rm) 460
-Press @ 150
-Power Clean(5x3) @ 205
-Bench @ 240

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