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Re: Opt

I've done it for most of the last 8 months and think it's some of the best stuff out there. It's a good mix of strength, conditioning, and technique work, and incorporates logical progressions and deload periods. It's far from random and doesn't make the mistake of telling people to go 100% every day for a prolonged period of time. The fact that OPT tailors his programming in response to the results people post says a lot--he reads the comments every day, tracks individual progress, and uses it to determine when he needs to change focus or dial things back for a few days.

I switched over to it after about 3 months of linear progression on the old CFWF template and saw my strength numbers continue to increase even as I leaned out and got my conditioning back. I credit all his tempo work for that, as well as doing stuff like weighted ring dips and close grip bench press pretty frequently.

I would agree that it's geared more towards intermediate or advanced athletes--even with more than two years of CF experience I found myself having to scale a lot of stuff back at first. The two a days and three a days are also probably beyond the capabilities of a lot of new CFers.
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