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Re: The Shed 'O Pain


Karen, 12:47, done 100% strictly with 20# ball and 10' target and CrossFit certified gym owner running the stop watch and counting reps and pointing out when thighs didn't get parallel and ball didn't hit target and saying "Plus one" all too frequently.

So, this is a real lesson to everyone like me who crossfits on their own in their personal sheds 'o pain...
We think we know what we're doing, but a periodic visit to someone who actually knows what they're doing is truly beneficial.
For example, today, I thought I knew how to catch the ball to minimize my effort.
But I didn't.
Travis was able to show me a much more efficient (and safer) way to catch the ball.
Never in a million billion trillion zillion years would I have accidentally stumbled on the technique.
Please consider visiting a certified trainer every once in a while.
It is worth the time and effort and ego-crush when you realize your world record 4:53 Karen only included 3 wall ball shots that would have counted.........

Then, as a "cooldown", did three rounds of max KB swings (35#) in 2 minutes on, 1 minute off. Did 106 total. Was supposed to use 45# KB, but my thighs were already cramping, so I scaled to 35#.

I expect to regain feeling in my thighs sometime next week!

Thank goodness tomorrow is swimming, where I don't actually have to have any feeling in my thighs!!!!

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