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Re: About to build a garage gym, a few questions about equipment inside...

Get the Rogue Bar for sure.

We've got one each of York's better bars (the needle bearing men's and women's bars), I think they're 1500 lb bars too, and while they've got decent spin (nowhere near other needle bearing bars I've seen though), they've got center knurling (because it's chrome), which I don't like, and they're FORTY-ONE POUNDS!!!!!

Their "20kg" bar is 41 freaking pounds. Their women's bar is 15kg, 33 lbs, which is correct.

Honestly, it's not a terrible bar, but it's freaking annoying to put 4 lbs worth of fractional plates on it every time to get to an even 45 lbs (actually 3 lbs, because our collars are about 7 oz each... I'm nitpicky when it comes to my actual weights for Oly lifts).

Just go with the Rogue bar.. their "20kg" bar is 44 lbs, which is correct.
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